About us...

We are Embrosa and we call ourselves The Embrosians. We are an international, remote, energetic, fun-loving, and creative team of geeks, marketers, content creators and designers, who believe in making (social media) marketing easy and accessible to all local entrepreneurs!

The thing we Embrosians all have in common is our passion for small businesses, independent local entrepreneurs, and their embodiment of diversity. They bring boldness and color to local streets, and happiness, quality, and service to our communities.

Originated with our focus on making social media marketing easy and accessible for local entrepreneurs, we started building a smart tool. Our award-winning social media marketing app now has thousands of active app-users and lots and lots (and lots) of brands. 

Since then, Embrosa’s portfolio has grown. We support and empower local entrepreneurs all over the world in various ways; from training them through the Embrosa Academy, to supporting them with ready-made personal social plannings, or to bringing them all the marketing content, support, and inspiration through our monthly marketing membership.

Meet Melanie.

May we introduce you to Melanie. She is our CEO and co-founder. You’ll often find her laughing. Usually, while creating something. From designing a course for Embrosa Academy, to building a business, an awesome Instagram-grid, an amazing webpage, or to building an actual building (yes, she builds.  Herself!!). Melanie is a striver. She loves to work hard and she definitely dreams big. She’s not your girl for dirty details, but luckily, she has her co-founder Rogier for that, who loves details! Melanie lives in Venlo, in the hospitable South of the Netherlands, together with her Bart. 

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Meet Rogier.

Hey there! Drum roll please, here's Rogier. He is Embrosa’s CTO and co-founder. He is a loving father to his daughter and ditto loving husband to his wife Saskia. And besides that, he is very much in love with all devices that have a power cord. Hmmm, wait, wireless too! He is super flexible and likable. He scores high on empathy, communication is his super power, and on top of all that, he is a brilliant pragmatic coder. He's our man when it comes to details! Keeping everyone sharp... Together with Melanie, he makes the Embrosa-dream work. Rogier lives in Utrecht, smack in the middle of the Netherlands. And, this also happens to be the place where Embrosa has its (flex) office. Want to connect to Rogier? Whatever you do, don't use email. Slack, Twitter, any other medium really... :-)

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Meet Lies.

This Embrosian started her career as a hairstylist with Toni&Guy. After a good few years, she changed careers and became a primary school teacher, and later a university teacher, a course designer and projectmanager. It's her passion for writing and creating content that got her to join Embrosa. Lies started writing our blogs and columns, and is now our marketer! She keeps our messaging in line with our purpose and values. Connecting is what she does best, whether it's people, text, or dots. And her passion for teaching is now visible to all through the Embrosa Academy! She adores her 2 kids and her husband Ronald with whom she currently lives in Washington D.C. Somewhere in 2021 she will move back to the Netherlands. That smile you see in the picture? That’s typically Lies, but you can call her Liz.

Meet Arthur.

Hey there! Allow us to introduce you to Arthur. Together with our co-founder Rogier, he is the co-developer of Embrosa. Arthur lives in Uzhhorod Ukraine, together with his fiancé Diane, and their beautiful dog Titan. Embrosa got to know Arthur through @sharpminds.ua and we are so happy he is part of our team. He’s not a man of many words, but he’s absolutely our man for oneliners, and also for the catchiest one-word summaries to finish and reflect on our bi-weekly meetings! Oh and his work? Steadily fast and awesome...

Meet Maartje.

Smile, and say hi to Maartje! Embrosa’s  employee #1. She knows our software by heart and is capable of helping us with - well, basically everything - except coding. This young lady is studying to become a dentist, and she’s combining her studies with working for Embrosa. She is incredibly bright, a fast learner, super flexible, always happy, and super precise. She lives in Utrecht, (yes, she can actually wave at Rogier from her window!) and studies in Amsterdam. Oh and she makes for one awesome sticker, right?

Meet Myrthe.

Hey there! Let us introduce you to Myrthe, Embrosa’s content manager. Because Myrthe has many years of experience as editor-in-chief for a Dutch optical magazine, she focuses mostly on creating and managing branded and general content for the optical industry. She is always joyful, friendly and ready to help. So it’s not a surprise that she has optical friends all across the globe. It’s simply amazing how she manages to combine being a rockstar mom of three kids, being editor-in-chief, AND content manager for Embrosa. But she makes it work. And she even manages to make a bunch of adorable TikToks with her kids. Rock-star!

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Meet Bibianne.

This Embrosian, Bibianne, joined the team as our lean mean content-writing machine. She writes content for both the optical, and the beauty industry. She’s an English student, and this makes her a perfect fit to not only create Dutch content, but to write for our international app-users too! Our inspiration Instagram accounts? Bibianne! She loves working for Embrosa because she can easily combine her work with varsity rowing at the Orca Student Rowing Club in Utrecht, where they are serious about their stuff. They. Can. Row! And of course, she’s serious about getting that university degree, too.

Meet Corina.

Well hello Corina! Have you spoken to the newest Embrosian yet? You could have, because she is Embrosa's executive assistant! She organizes and she visualizes, bringing focus to the virtual office. When she's not working she loves to walk, with or without her partner and twins. She enjoys books and writing book reviews, and she loves to learn and read about personal development, healthy life both personal and professional, and well... we are happy to have her join the team! Welcome Corina!