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€0 per month  

Forever FREE
  • Access to branded content
  • Access to free photos and videos
  • Limited access to themed and general content
  • Limited access to curated collections
  • Download photos, videos and text to your phone


€9,99 per month 

  • Access to branded content
  • Access to premium photos, videos and text
  • Unlimited access to themed and general content 
  • Unlimited access to curated collections
  • Download photos, videos and text to your phone
  • Save your favorites ❤
  • Share directly to Facebook & Instagram (great timesaver)
  • Plan your posts to Facebook & Instagram (OMG, an even bigger timesaver!)
  • Ready-made (for real!) monthly Facebook- and Instagram planning that you can easily personalize to your liking
  • Download pics in high resolution for offline use and think big, think posters for your store!
  • Priority support, of course...
  • All of that for the cost of just TWO Cappuccino's from you know where, PER MONTH!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's to your Q's

Is FREE really FREE?

YES. We know, this almost sounds too good to be true. But it really is, and you can keep using Embrosa for free for as long as you like. But, you won't have access to the most important timesaving features, like ready-made plannings, and you don't have access to the premium photos, videos and collections. But, it's only 9.99 per month! So why don't you just go for it?

How do I buy a subscription?

You can buy a subscription through your Google Play or the AppStore. In the Embrosa Pics app, go to the main menu and buy Premium there. It really is a matter of click and go. You'll have direct access to all the Premium features!  

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

YES. We don't work with long time contracts. You can cancel on a monthly basis. Of course, we'd prefer you to be with us all the time, but you could also buy Premium for a month, just to be able to access certain content, and just add Premium when you need it!  

How can I participate in the bèta programs?

It would be so cool if you were to join us for our newest services. Just send us a message via the app or mail us via support@embrosa.com. We'll explain everything about our current bèta-programs and how you can use them. Happy to learn and develop with your help!  

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